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Carbon steel care

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I love the characteristics of a carbon steel knife, both the feel and the looks of them. However, they will need some care, different from a stainless knife.


With time, it will develop a nice grey-ish patina on the shiny parts of the blade, even with proper care. After usage you should wash it by hand, never in the dishwasher as that will most likely crack the handle.

When it is washed, you must dry it with paper or a towel. It needs to be completely dry when you put it away, otherwise it will form surface rust.


Had you happen to get surface rust, it can be rubbed off with steel wool, and if the rust is aggressive, you can use 400 grit sanding paper - just watch your fingers! When I sand a sharpened knife, I put it edge down on a wooden board, at and angle, so there is no risk of cutting you fingertips badly.


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Benefits of carbon steel knives


  • Great edge retention
  • Easy to get VERY sharp
  • Gets a beautiful patina